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Leather bags that make an impression!

While leaving a small impact on the whenua (land).
We respect the whenua.

By using sustainable and ethical practices.

Our hides are a by-product of meat and dairy industries which would otherwise be discarded.


No animal is killed for it's hide.


Respect the whenua (land).

Leave a large impact on the people, but a small impact on the land.


We use sustainable and ethical practices at Wirihana Supplies. Our hides are a by-product of meat an dairy industries that would otherwise be discarded and our leather lasts decades meaning less waste going into landfill.


Empower the tangata (people).

Supporting us trickles down.

Whenever possible, I aim to acquire the services of other small businesses like myself who are based in NZ, and I know most people I work with personally.

My friends in Bali I have now known for 5 years and they helped me build Wirihana Supplies, I will always remain loyal to them.


Embrace your whakapapa (heritage).

By incorporating a touch of te ao māori, I hope to give our people something they can wear proudly and the rest of the world can embrace.

We support local.

Supporting us trickles down.

We only stock our leather goods in a handful of locally owned, independent boutiques, across Aotearoa.

See what's in stock and keep small businesses across the motu, thriving.

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