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Ko Tainui te waka. 
Ko Maungatautari te maunga. 
Ko Waikato te awa. ​
Ko Poohara te marae. 
Ko Ngaati korokii kahu kura te hapuu. 
Ko Tainui te iwi. 
Kei Whangārei te kāinga. 
Ko Danyelle Wirihana toku ingoā.

Wirihana Supplies started in late 2018 as a small idea with little budget, know-how or confidence backing it.

I met Oscar in Bali, he was a leather goods saleman for a small store in Seminyak, and he introduced me to the world of leather and leather craftsmanship. 

During the covid outbreak in 2019, Bali was significantly impacted by the halt in tourism. My friends in Bali struggled to make ends meet. I invested a lot to start Wirihana Supplies, at the time only an online retailer, hoping to give us both an income stream, but like 90% of small businesses in Aotearoa, it failed. 

In early 2023, never content with the failure, I tried again, this time pivoting in a new direction. 

I reached out to 3 independent retailers local to Whangārei with the intention of them stocking my products. They all agreed and for the first time in 5 years, I made a sale.

Today, Wirihana Supplies is stocked nationwide and I keep my friends in Bali busy.

My goal is to bring you ever-evolving, high-quality luxurious leather goods with a touch of te ao māori while using sustainable and ethical practices.

Respect the whenua (land).

Empower the tangata (people).

Embrace your whakapapa (heritage).

Danyelle Wirihana in front of in-store leather bag display.

​Wirihana Supplies is NZ owned and operated by me, Danyelle Wirihana. 



Oscar is a leather goods salesman, working for a small store in Seminyak. He is my main liaison person in Bali and makes everything I need to happen, happen. He gives me input on design, educates me on everything leather, liaises between makers and suppliers, and handles my freight to get the final product delivered to me so I can get it on the shelves.

About Us: Team Members

Supporting us trickles down.

I seek out locally owned retailers where I believe their values and customer base matches my own, and distribute my stock accordingly to get the final product to you.

Hine Raumati store Whangarei whanau
InnoNative store logo Whangarei





And finally, you support me. So I can continue creating and putting māori brands on the shelves so we can have something to call our own.

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